8 Things you need to know about Insulin

By Meghan Bailey on Mar 2, 2014
  1. You need insulin to live, but too much can make you sick and overweight.
  2. 75% of North Americans produce too much insulin due to diets high in processed and refined carbohydrates. This is a problem called "Insulin Resistance," which means that your body overproduces insulin in order to maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  3. High insulin levels can cause your blood sugar to drop too low. In turn, this can cause rebound hunger and cravings.
  4. Too much insulin makes you store fat and blocks fat breakdown.
  5. YOU can control insulin levels by minimizing refined, processed sugars, by eating lean protein early and often, and by choosing whole grains over refined grains. A balanced diet helps the body perform better than a diet overloaded with carbohydrates.
  6. Protein jump-starts your metabolism without spiking insulin levels. Your pancreas releases the insulin hormone when blood glucose (blood sugar) levels rise after eating. The function of insulin is to help glucose move from the bloodstream into the cells where energy is produced. A major problem in obesity, especially with diets high in carbohydrates and processed foods, is that the pancreas floods the bloodstream with so much insulin the cells start to "ignore" it.
  7. Insulin Resistance causes increased fat storage and frequent hunger cravings…a vicious cycle! This is why it's important to start your day with an adequately balanced protein and low carbohydrate breakfast, such as steak and eggs, or a quality protein shake.
  8. High levels of insulin disrupt hormone communication and balance.