24-Hour Day Trips To Discover

By Meghan Bailey on Apr 24, 2017

Throw that staycation to the curb and enjoy a day trip outside of Las Vegas. We have compiled six 24-hour trips for you and your family to get up and get out of your normal routine.  All of these day trips are family friendly and require minimal travel. Gather the family and friends and head out on an adventure with one (or more) of these 24-hour day trips.

1. Laguna Beach, California

Whether you drive through a luscious canyon full of art and wineries or come in on Pacific Coast Highway, you will arrive in Laguna Beach, a small coastal city in Orange County, California. Laguna is known for its rich roots in art, coves and some of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California. During the summer you will find many beach goers setting up umbrellas and towels at Main Beach, which features tide pools and a boardwalk leading to the paths and gardens of nearby Heisler Park. If you follow the locals, you’ll end up at Thousand Steps Beach, a popular surf location. If you are not looking for a beach, simply strolling through the streets of the town finding hidden gems like Gelato Paradise, or eating at local favorites like Nick’s Laguna Beach, there is something for everyone.

Trip Details:

Length of trip: four hours one-way

Gas stations: plenty scattered throughout the trip

Best photo ops: Thousand Steps Beach, Main Bean Lifeguard Tower, Heisler Park Gazebo

Best place to eat: Nick’s Laguna Beach, Watermarc Restaurant or The Rooftop Lounge

Be cautious of: parking one-ways and toll roads

2. Palm Desert, California

The term “Desert Oasis” was coined by the city of Palm Desert, California. Home to mid-century modern style, Palm Desert not only feels like old Hollywood, but you may see traces of it throughout the main drag. Dining, shopping and general relaxation await. From nostalgic Palm Springs on the west end to Indio--the city of festivals--in the east, countless adventures await you in between. Besides dining and shopping, you can also enjoy endless outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, golf and tennis. 

Trip Details:

Length of trip: four hours one-way

Gas stations: plenty scattered throughout the trip

Best photo ops: any building you can find!

Best place to eat: Le Vallauris or Tyler’s Burgers

Be cautious of: wanting to stay there forever!

3. St. George, Utah

In the southwest part of Utah on your way to Zion or Bryce National Park, you’ll almost always drive through St. George, Utah. What looks to be a typical small Utah town is anything but. Just a short 90-minute drive, dubbed as Florida without the hurricanes and humidity, St. George is an outdoorsman’s dream, with hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and ATVing. You can also be drawn to the affordable spa treatments, amazing theater, eclectic shopping, dining and art galleries. 

Trip Details:

Length of trip: 90-minutes one-way

Gas stations: Mesquite, Nevada or St. George, Utah

Best photo ops: White Utah Thunder Garden

Best place to eat: Texas Roadhouse 

Be cautious of: snakes, spiders and mountain lions

4. Oatman, Arizona

Are you looking to enjoy the wild wild west days? Head to Oatman, Arizona, a small town in the black mountains of Mohave County. Oatman became an old mining town after two men found over 10 million dollars worth of gold in 1915. Now, Oatman still continues to keep the old west charm with their building fronts, and if you keep your eyes open, wild burrow may venture around the main street. Visitors can head to the Oatman Stables, browse authentic Native American Jewelry, and of course, visit the Gold Rush Candy Shoppe. 

Trip Details:

Length of trip: two hours one-way

Gas stations: plenty scattered throughout the trip

Best photo ops: Main Street

Best place to eat: Olive Oatman Restaurant

Be cautious of: roaming wildlife and dehydration (bring lots of water)

5. Duck Creek Village, Utah

Duck Creek Village is located at the edge of a large mountain meadow in the Dixie National Forest. The elevation allows for visitors to experience all four seasons throughout the year, which is rare in Southern Utah. Duck Creek is quickly gaining recognition the premier spot to snowmobile, cross-country ski and mountain bike. Hiking at Duck Creek boasts some of the best trails, scenery and terrains in Southern Utah. Visitors can also experience great fishing, horseback riding, ATV riding and the ability to camp or stay in a lodge setting.

Trip Details:

Length of trip: three hours one-way

Gas stations: plenty scattered throughout the trip

Best photo ops: almost anywhere

Best place to eat: Aunt Sue’s Chalet, Martin’s Corner Deli, Hot Mama’s Pizza

Be cautious of: what season it is and wildlife

6. E.T. Highway, Nevada

In 1996, Nevada State Highway 375 was officially named the Extraterrestrial Highway because of the many UFO sightings along this lonely stretch of road. The highway is close to the elusive Area-51, a top secret Air Force test facility. Visitors and locals alike often see strange lights in the night-sky while driving down the highway.

You can expect to stop at the E.T. Highway sign, the Alien Research Center, a photo op with the famous Black Mail Box all before stopping for a bite to eat at the famous Little A’Le” Inn. In between Las Vegas and the Little A’Le” Inn you will come across the small town of Alamo which has two gas stations and Windmill Restaurant. The rest of the trip is just you and the open road. 

Trip Details:

Length of trip: two hours one-way

Gas stations: one before entering the highway off I-15, two 90 miles later

Best photo ops: E.T. Highway sign, Alien Research Center, Little A’Le” Inn, and the Black Main Box

Best place to eat: Windmill Ridge or Little A’Le” Inn

Be cautious of: cattle because it’s open range. Slow down!