Cramps? Cravings? Mood Swings? That's PMS!

By Guest Editor on Jul 21, 2015

Between cramps, migraines, nausea, mood swings, and weird food cravings, it’s easy to not feel like yourself when you suffer from PMS! Here are some tips to help you through it all*:

1. Begin taking ibuprofen a few days before your period starts. This will keep prostaglandins, the hormone that causes cramps, from building up, alleviating some of the pain you may be experiencing.

2. Perform moderate exercise to reduce cramping. Try doing yoga, walking at a moderate pace, or even stretching, something that will get your blood pumping and open those blood vessels up.

3. If the pain has you couch-bound, place a heating pad on your lower abdomen. The warmth will ease cramping by encouraging blood flow to the region.

4. If you suffer from intense pre-menstrual symptoms including mood swings and cramping, try quitting caffeine. That means coffee and tea (unless it’s decaffeinated), sodas, and even chocolate! Caffeine can constrict blood vessels, increasing painful symptoms.

5. Looking for an herbal solution for your symptoms? Red Raspberry Tea eases pain and cramping in the uterus and doesn't have caffeine.

6. A hormone imbalance could be making your pre-menstrual symptoms worst than they should be. Ask your provider about your hormone levels and they will be able to determine if they may be unbalanced.

7. Are you constantly tired during your period? You could be suffering from a B12  vitamin or iron deficiency. Talk to your provider about your concerns and they can determine if you may be deficient in these areas.

*Before trying any of these remedies, speak to your women’s health provider about your PMS symptoms, especially if they feel out-of-control or unmanageable. If your symptoms suddenly get worse or occur after your period ends, talk to your medical provider. These could be signs of a more serious condition.