How Gadgets Are Keeping You Awake!

By Guest Editor on Jan 1, 2018

Our cell phones, tablets, computers, televisions, games, watches and other electronic gadgets have become such a huge part of our daily lives that, when it comes to bedtime, we can't seem to put them away. Have you ever thought about how these gadgets are affecting your health, especially when it comes to catching some z's?

They Suppress Melatonin

According to, the blue light emitted by screens on cell phones, computers, tablets and televisions restrain the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm. Reducing melatonin makes it harder to fall and stay asleep. 

Helpful Tip: If you use your iPhone at night, there is an option called night shift that turns the blue light on your phone to a warmer orange color, which helps your brain relax.

They Wake You Up

It's common to almost be asleep and "ding" an email notification from Facebook, Instagram or Youtube comes through. Since we're such a technology-heavy society, we reach for our phones to see the new content, even if it's 2 a.m. Turn your phones or tablets on vibrate or set a time to make technology-free zones before bed. 

Helpful Tip: There is a setting on most smartphones that will allow you to schedule times that notifications will not be accepted. This allows your screen to not light up and sounds to not play during certain times. 

They Keep Your Brain Alert

Answering that last email or commenting on one more post before bed seems like a harmless idea, but doing this too soon before going to sleep activates the brain,  making it harder to relax or wind down before bed. Try to not use any technology gadgets at least one hour before bed. You'll be more rested before you know it.