Less is More

By on Dec 5, 2016

The holiday season as finally arrived! Although the mouth-watering food on the table demands your attention, remember that portioning out your meals can prevent any extra weight gain. With the jolly season comes its delicious food - commit to these tips to prepare for holiday gatherings.

Transition to Nutrient-Dense Foods

Your normal diet is what you eat 80% of the time. This is what impacts your health the most. If you can focus on eating satisfying, nutrient-dense versus processed food 80% of the time, you are on the right path. By eating nutrient-dense and healthy foods often, you are giving your body the nutrients it needs, and you shouldn't feel the urge to binge or overeat during your holiday parties.

Slow Down

It takes our bodies at least 20 minutes or more to feel full. Unfortunately, we will eat to the point of fullness, only to have the real feeling of fullness kick in later. At this point, we have overate. Take your time during meals - sit, talk, and take a break. Before going up to get seconds, slow down and enjoy the people around you. Also, try setting down your fork between bites.

Limit Liquid Calories

Our bodies do not register liquid calories the same as solid calories. This means when we drink unnecessary calories, our body may be full before we can recognize it.

Recover the Day After

To overcome that food hangover that follows a rich meal, eat a normal breakfast with protein, such as yogurt or eggs, the next morning. The rest of the day, avoid refined carbs, drink lots of water (at least 8 - 10 glasses to help flush out the sodium), and fill up on "clean" foods like fruits, veggies, and more protein.